How does motivation translate into technology design and success?

By: babette09

Jul 12 2010

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…Think of an example of successful technology, and share how motivation was a factor in its success. I was going to say Twitter, but then I thought better of it because figured Twitter and Facebook are both pretty obvious examples. So I would have to move to LinkedIn, a social networking website for professionals who would like to find others in their genre. LinkedIn is a great tool for us to utilize, a sort of ‘Facebook for Business’.

I used LinkedIn extensively for my action research project, and I am continuing to do so today. I’ve made many contacts since I became more motivated at using LinkedIn. Strangely enough, this occurred when I began my research in earnest.  😉 I realized that LinkedIn was a natural community of practice opportunity for me.

The thing about any social networking tool is that it will only be as successful as the motivation behind it. LinkedIn is a perfect example. You begin a new little community, advertise its inception, collect data and contacts, and with luck you will create a successful new group. This has been happening with my sub-group, Instructional Systems Design for Consultants, in LinkedIn. Another person started it but encouraged me to manage it. Since that time we’ve had some good discussions and polls.

Comparing LinkedIn to Facebook and MySpace, other more loosely constructed social networking platforms, LinkedIn provides a professional but also innovative outlet for those looking to keep up on the latest and greatest developments in their respective fields. Like the other two, LinkedIn allows those with incentive to keep a running tab on others’ accomplishments and events. At the same time, you can advertise as much as you’d like about yourself. LinkedIn’s management team was wise enough to work with Twitter so that a profile posting can also be a Tweet from your account if you choose to link it that way. Naturally this will increase your potential to reach more people, which motivates you to stay connected, which motivates you to do more. It’s a giant ferris wheel of networking genius.  ;- )


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