Winding Down…

By: babette09

Jul 07 2010

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It’s been a long and sometimes excruciatingly difficult year, but overall it’s been quite a program! I’ve learned a great deal, and true to the program’s intent, not much of it was what I initially thought I would learn.

I mean that in a positive way. I learned a lot about myself, a lot about the way people learn or at least should learn, and I made 23 great friends in the process! This may be an expensive way to make friends, but it has been a rich experience that I would never give back.

The last couple of weeks of school are surprisingly busy. I was hoping that once we got back from Graduation and presentations, things would wind down slowly. Instead, I’m as busy as I was before going to CA. Maybe not quite as frenetic of a pace, but still; there’s a lot to do in order to successfully wrap up. I’m putting final touches on my website, but also working on two PSAs for two different classes (including this one) plus a ‘dream job’ interview process that I’m working with Cramer on this Thursday. After that, we’re pretty much finished with this program.

I have to say, I’ll miss the insane conference calls, Skype chats, even the crazy Tapped In sessions. In short, I’ll miss my cadre mates and our constant back-and-forth jokes with each other. Hopefully that will continue to some degree – on Facebook, iChat, maybe even live calls now and then. Thanks to everyone for their unique perspectives on everything! It’s been a fascinating run.


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