What tools in the Drive Toolkit most interested you?

By: babette09

Jun 05 2010

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And… How would you use these tools to motivate those around you? To be personally motivated?

I love the tool kit! It’s my favorite part of the book. Even the ones I’ll never use again for my daughter was fascinating to me. I really wish I had something like this book when she was young. I would have taken different steps in her education and even some in general upbringing. The whole allowance thing, for example. I was taught to work for money and I turned around and did the same thing with her. Oh well. I learned; I’ll tell her about it too.  ; -0

Some of my personal favorites in the tool kit:

  • Flow Test
  • Sagmeister
  • Performance Review
  • Oblique Strategy
  • Move Five Steps Closer to Mastery

The flow test just seems interesting to find out about us. It would be great to use this to our advantage. When you’re more likely to be energetic, do your most difficult work at that time of day. I wrote a course about project management in which I made that a tip for managing your time, so I guess I already knew that one.

Sagmeister: I have tried to do this my entire life. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to take a year off of my job, but I do take ‘mini-Sags’ throughout the year. I’ve never been the type of person who can work with no vacation for months and years. Instead I work for the next vacation. I try to jet off to France for a week, or Canada for a long weekend. I am instantly rejuvenated when I schedule and take trips, no matter how long or short.

I realize that isn’t the same as the Sagmeister idea. I always thought that was a smart move on a university’s part. Allowing tenured professors to take sabbaticals to continue their passion is such a great idea. Every company or educational institution should take part in that idea.

The performance review idea is great for everyone, but it made me think of my husband. He has people working for him, and the performance review is always a difficult time for everyone. Dirk does a great job of it anyway, but I know it’s a stress factor for him. It doesn’t have to be though. I’m sure if he followed some of the tactics mentioned here more closely it would help everyone in his office.

Oblique Strategy: Not to drag him into every tool kit item, but my spouse introduced me to Oblique Strategy because he’s the consummate Eno fan.  ;- ) We have every album Eno has ever produced or co-produced! Naturally, every Eno invention has swept through our home. I have the Bloom app on my iPhone, in which you can play a tune that you program in or help play yourself. Awesome. The image in today’s post is of that app as it looks while you’re playing it.

Five Steps closer to mastery: I’ve heard this one before, but it’s such great advice. There is no way around practicing to become better, and we can all use that prod every now and then. Well, I can. It’s the reason I’ve played guitar for 20+ years, but I still have to go by the dots when I’m finding the chord. No fretless guitars for me! Ha ha


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