Identifying Change

By: babette09

May 17 2010

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For Melissa’s class, our first blog addresses the following:

Identifying opportunities for change. How do you know when change is needed? How do people become passionate about change?

How do I know when change is needed? Not to split hairs, but it depends on the situation. When meeting with a friend , going into work or starting a task brings a sense of dread, it’s time to reassess. On the other hand, sometimes change is a positive adventure. When I began this program, I felt both emotions.  ;- ) I was looking forward to the challenge of achieving a new degree. I was also a little apprehensive about starting a program at this point in my life.  I guess the passion overcame the dread, because here I am, getting ready for finals and graduation.

People are passionate about change when they sense it’s going to bring about something positive. If you know you’re going to achieve something, and not necessarily something monetary or materialistic, you are determined to make it happen. Before my husband and I were married, we lived together for about a year and a half. Before we moved in together, I had already been divorced for years and hadn’t lived with anyone for almost a decade. He had been single and living alone for about three years. We were both ensconced in a lifestyle that did not require living with another person.

It didn’t matter though, because by the time we discussed moving in together we were both psyched and could tell that it was a positive change in our lives. So we made plans, looked for a new place – we agreed we didn’t want to move into either person’s ‘existing’ home – and made decisions on how we would handle our new living situation. Naturally, we haven’t regretted this move! We’re still going strong almost ten years later; no signs of abating, ha ha.

But the real point is that even though we were both sure we didn’t want to trade in our formerly happily single lives, we found out the change was very positive, and changed the entire course of our lives for the better. Anticipating this, we looked forward to it, and we worked to ensure it stayed a positive thing! This is also a good example that if you’re really passionate about a change, you’re willing to work extra hard to make sure it works for you.


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