Power Mentoring!

By: babette09

Mar 29 2010

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mentor as corrosive

It finally worked! My friend Mike called Jason and they talked about a variety of things, but primarily SharePoint. I think I mentioned that Jason is about to use SP for the first time in a project. Mike is THE SP go-to guy I know of; he has worked extensively in it for the last 3+ years, so he’s well versed in what works well and what will be a futile effort. It was a most positive meeting on both sides. They both liked and respected each other, and plan to keep in touch. My work here is done.  ;- ) Well, as far as that goes.

I was a little apprehensive last week since they didn’t get to meet. I wasn’t sure if I should have suggested the meeting, as Mike is really busy, and it was starting to look as though he wouldn’t have time for Jason. I shot off a couple of reminder calls and emails, so I guess I irritated Mike into talking to Jason last Thursday, ha ha. But it worked out well. Jason and I ended up talking afterwards, and he had nothing but positive things to say about it. He agreed that Mike is a great person to know. I’m betting Jason can help Mike out at some point too. He knows a lot more about video streaming techniques, and you never know when Mike may need someone like him to help out in a project. This power mentoring thing was a superb idea! I have complained about having too many books in this program (and I stand by that! They really need to refine these lists), but I was glad to have read about that. It may not have occurred to me otherwise to contact Mike and put those two together. But I’m glad I did. I feel as though I did a good deed or something, as silly as that may sound.  I know this will be a good relationship for them, which of course only helps everyone.

The graphic is just a joke. I couldn’t find any better ‘mentor’ images, and when I looked at power mentor it was all Microsoft clip art type of photos. Yechhh. I mean, they’re fine for a PPT presentation, but not this blog!  ;- ) So somehow ‘corrosive mentor’ seemed to fit. Maybe my skewed view before it happened is illustrated here.


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