Sometimes the best intentions turn into detours and vice versa. Jason was supposed to meet with my friend Mike the SharePoint expert this last week. Days turned into next days, and I never heard back from them. When I inquired a third time, I found out Mike’s schedule was just too swamped. This is where premium communication always helps! Had I know I would have met with Jason instead and scheduled Mike for the following week. Instead we’ll have to double up. Mike will talk with him tonight and I’ll follow up in a day or two. Sighhhh….

It’s really too bad because I felt everything was going along at a decent clip. Now we have to detour a bit, and then chug back up to speed. Also we need to hurry the pace because classes end in a few weeks! There are a few more things we should cover, plus I want to get more of Jason’s ‘take’ on all things Instructional Design, as well as some insights about his attitude toward this so far.

So I’ll report back after he and I meet, after he and Mike meet, in a few days. In the meantime work is suddenly quite busy for me. Lots of new projects, to the point where I’m not sure who I’m supposed to meet with anymore! Also we just got back from Boston, which was loads of fun. We got to see Dirk’s brother and his family, including our 8-year-old niece. The last time we saw her she was not quite 5. Time flies. We went to the beach one day, met with a couple of cadre mates for dinner one night, and I worked in a hotel room on one of my projects It was worth it just to be out of the Midwest for a few days!

Until next time….change and more change. And health care reform. Finally.  Well, at least a start. ;- )


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