Power Mentoring All the Way

By: babette09

Mar 15 2010

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In the spirit of power mentoring, I am sending my mentee to a friend for this week. Jason is going to talk to my friend Mike. Mike and I have worked together off and on for about 12 years now. He and I are about the same age. We first met at AT&T, and our roles changed several times before we both left the company. In fact, the last role I had was as a member of his team.

We next worked together at another company where we weren’t in the same department, but we managed to work on some projects together. We both left for the same reason but at different times, and now we just keep in touch across a few state lines. Mike was an ID who was always more interested in the programming side of things. He branched into SharePoint (SP) as an architect / admin for several groups. He now holds a similar position for a new company. They work in SP for educational purposes as well as team uses (storing files, meeting info, etc.). I thought Mike could give Jason a great perspective on how to look at corporate training from another angle, a more peripheral role. Jason does this now with video, but the SP perspective will help him consider new ways to integrate into an ID position (or maybe another one close to it).

The really cool thing about this is that Jason was recently approached by someone at work to use SharePoint as a place to link video files, among other things. His introduction to SP is so timely! I love it. Mike is a bloody SP expert by now, so he can make Jason look awesome the first time he uses SP at work.   ;- )  I can’t wait to hear about how this goes. I’m sure he and Mike will get along well. They both have some commonalities from which they can develop a rapport, so I’m not concerned about that.

I finally talked about our mentorship in Jenith’s class last week. I felt a little strange about it. It’s kind of awkward to talk about someone who is on the call. Mentorship discussions are more of a luxury for everyone else in class, since they can say anything about their mentee and know it will ‘stay in the group’. Luckily there is absolutely nothing I have to censor out of the conversation when discussing Jason. Still, I felt a little strange, and I know I made a couple of dopey jokes while reflecting about it. Oh well, I need to get used to that. This is part of what Jenith warned us about when we first entered into the mentor relationship. There are times that it will be odd to discuss! I’m sure it was a bit odd for him also, having to listen to me talk about him, ha ha.  I’m sure he’ll get over it too.

So next week when he and I meet, I’ll have another angle from which to approach. Looking at this goofy but still helpful diagram I posted for today’s blog, I’m glad to know that I’ve already hit on many of the tips mentioned in this diagram. I’d like to encourage Jason to reflect a little more, and I’d like to discuss educational options for him. Not so much getting another ( or – yet another! or another damn!) degree, but maybe a couple of classes here and there that would help him round out his comprehension of instructional design and development. So next week, once we review his session with Mike, I will branch into that a little further. I just noticed by looking at a preview that the text is difficult to read in the diagram. So here are the tips. The green circle in the middle says ‘What a mentor should do for a mentee’. The red circles say:

  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore options with mentee
  • Act as a challenger
  • Encourage reflection
  • Provide motivation
  • Address their educational needs

Cheerio and ciao – – –


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