November update

By: babette09

Nov 11 2009

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It’s been awhile since I posted a blog here. I’ve been so wrapped in up various projects and AR research I completely forgot about all of my blogs, especially this one. So let’s catch up for a moment.

In October we worked on a sample lit review that had something to do with our own AR projects. Afterwards we worked on the first draft of our own lit reviews. Mine was reviewed during our learning circle, which was kind of cool since i got instant feedback. Then Paul had to go to Boston, where he promptly caught a flu. So things were a little behind in the AR department. Poor Paul; he was on our call today and I felt sorry for him having to even converse with us. You know how people sound when they’re ill? Run down and congested and just as if they’re ‘barely there’. Paul did an admirable job of staying on track and giving us all feedback, but there was a point I wanted to say, “Please, go take some flu medicine and lie down!” Ha ha…

That reminds me; Dirk and I got flu shots today and I felt a little guilty about it. I realize that we aren’t in the high-risk group, so I wondered why they were offered to us.  I figured these were going to waste if we didn’t take them, so off I went this morning to get my requisite shot. First one ever, btw. I never wanted one before.

Then when I mentioned it to my LC, someone asked how I got it since I wasn’t in a high-risk group. The waves of guilt immediately surfaced. Once you’re Catholic, a piece of you – the guilt-ridden piece – is always Catholic!

Anyway, back to AR. I feel pretty comfortable about my AR research area and even some of my plans in it. However I need to figure out a more specific ‘first-round’ of questions to tackle for my next iteration of my AR plan. The good news is that I have successfully recruited three people to help me. Two will be in my ‘critical friends’ (they are in real life anyway, so why not?), and one will be a research participant. I have worked with all three before in various jobs, so it should be pretty easy to work with all of them. I’m glad we have another month or so to get all of this together before we actually begin our AR research in earnest. I need it! My consortium plan isn’t going to find itself. I have to research that as quickly as possible, in between creating stubborn turtles and Second Life Scratch objects.  ;- )


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