A new week

By: babette09

Aug 17 2009

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I finished up some Ethics reading, and also got myself up to speed on the forums. I wasn’t marking them as read at all, which I somehow missed in the initial directions. Oops. I feel as though I know what’s expected of me, generally, so I can plan better now for assignments that will be due soon.

One of the assignments is the Web 2.0 presentation that each learning circle was asked to present. We’re supposed to learn Eluminate in order to present our stuff. This is one tool I haven’t explored yet. I remember trying to look up webinars on it, but not finding much. It seems the page that includes webinars is never updated. I’m going to ask around, because for all I know I missed that somewhere too.  When this happens I have to assume that I’m not seeing something that is out there. Sometimes I wish there was more instruction around some of these things. We’re fending for ourselves and trying to sift through several websites. I think we’re all getting more familiar with Sakai and Mindmaps these days. Still, there is always something new to learn. Oh well, that’s part of the reason I signed up for this degree.

The funny thing is, I sometimes get answers faster when I ask them in Facebook. Strange, right? If I use the Pepperdine email, forget it. No one checks that too often. We seem to have slowed way down on the Google account. I tried Sakai a few times but no one responded. Facebook it is! Someone’s always checking that.  ;-O


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