The Bridge

By: babette09

Aug 09 2009

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I started working on my Action Research journal tonight. I concentrated on what I’m reading at the moment, Chapter 7 of  Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization, the Coghlan and Brannick book. I like that some of the information is tying together more than it was. For awhile I would read sections of each book, and it seemed as though it was the same information in each book. I guess it would have to be anyway, since the subject matter is so closely related.

I keep hoping that it will all fall together for me, but I’ve had the recurring experience of having to re-read sections I read last week or the week before, to ensure that I understood it. Ridiculous, but then again, there is a lot to absorb. In addition, Paul told us recently we were trying too hard, and that we should all take a deep breath and relax a little.  So I took a day off from even thinking about Action Research or Cadre 12. Well OK, I didn’t take a whole day. ;- ]  But I purposely didn’t read anything or write anything significant. I only checked messages at night and made a few notes.

Tonight I stopped reading Chapter 7 after about six pages so that Dirk and I could watch a movie called ‘The Bridge’. It’s a documentary about people who committed suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA. It’s a compelling film, even though the music is gag-worthy, and some of the sections were too drawn out to be as effective as they could have been.

The really sad fact I got from this film (other than the fact that there are SO many people who jump each year) is that a great many of the people were mentally disturbed in some way. Thanks to heartless Presidential administrations dating back to Nixon, health care in this country is dismally lacking, especially when it comes to mental health issues (Thanks so much, President Reagan and GWB). This has resulted in those who were mentally ill not getting the care or medication they desperately need. What happens next? They fall into a deeper pit of despair, and eventually feel as though they couldn’t go on living. Suicide beckons to them and they succumb.

To that end, I am appalled that we have Senators who are trying to convince Americans that our present system is adequate and ‘less scary’ than Obama is proposing. How ludicrous is that?!  I suppose that none of these elected officials have had mentally ill relatives or friends. They never had to watch someone with a shining light inside of them slowly dim until they became a shadow of their former self.

Due to the lack of support in educating the police how to handle those with mental disorders, and an ignorant public scorn of anyone who is ‘different’, some of these people are wrongfully arrested and thrown into prisons, where unspeakable danger awaits them.

We used to put mentally ill people where they belong, in mental institutions. Nowadays though, the government can’t be bothered separating mental disorders from criminals. So they’re lumped together in one big, scary building and usually not separated. You can only imagine what happens, and I can tell you it isn’t as bad as reality.

These heinous methods, directly due to the abysmal health care system we’re forced to deal with, are dismissed by radically conservative Senators and Reps in Congress, who insist that our present system is beyond reproach. I would love to see these reckless cretins grapple with one week of red tape that a person with a mental disorder is handed. We would have a better health care system in a bloody week. To compare this analogy; as one of my sisters says:

If men could get pregnant, abortion would be mandatory.

But that’s another subject for another blog. This has been quite a radical turn from Action Research, hasn’t it? Maybe there is a correlation somewhere…!  Good night all.


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