Work and School

By: babette09

Aug 07 2009

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I just started a new contract with a company yesterday. From now on, school will be even more daunting as I balance work and school, along with my rich home and personal life.  ;- )  I work well under stress, so I’m looking forward to it, even as I dread certain aspects. Whenever this happens I lament the fact that I can’t play and write music as much. When I have more time though, I often forget about playing and writing music more often than I should. So in some ways I’m more productive when my schedule is stretched; I appreciate the spare time more than I would otherwise.

My work contract is only for a couple of months. I hope they find more for me to do and extend me longer. Aside from the usual financial reasons for this, I really like this place! It’s a non-profit whose sole motivation is to help people improve their lives. What a great company!  So rare these days. In addition, they have a woefully inadequate LMS, and virtually non-existent online courses / curricula. What a great venture it would be to help them build on their system to make it more robust and inclusive. Plus it could change my Action Research project parameters in a huge way. Think of all the questions I could be asking myself to help them improve their system? Ha ha.

On a more personal note, it’s raining like hell here in Chicago right now. It’s cooler today (high around 80 – less than the usual for this time of year). Lollapalooza starts today, and as of tomorrow the highs will soar into the 90s (more typical temps). This means if we go to Lolla we’ll be baking in the heat. For me, the best lineups happen on Sunday, especially Sunday evening. So I’m hoping we’ll go that evening and avoid the worst of it.

What’s the lineup, you ask? Sunday night is the culmination of the weekend and includes Jane’s Addiction – the big closer, of course – as well as the Killers, Lou Reed (!) and Snoop Dogg. How can you go wrong? Jane’s and Killers share a time slot, and so do Lou and Snoop. So we’ll probably move back and forth between the two. I’m thinking Snoop’s set will be better in the beginning and Lou’s will be better towards the end. Jane’s will be great all the way through, if they’re anything like I’ve seen them in the past. So although we’ll miss a couple of songs, I do want to catch the Killers to see how they are live. They could be a better live act than studio. We shall see!

All right, back to work – and school – and maybe I can sneak in a little guitar before nightfall…


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