This Crazy Semester

By: babette09

Aug 05 2009

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So far in class…

Our first call as 638 / 13of12 went very well last night (I was on the 6:00pm call). It took awhile to get into the heart of things, but I knew this first call would be Paul fielding a lot of “WTF?” questions.  ;- ) One of the great things about Paul is that he is concerned with everyone’s well being. It emanates from him, and makes everyone (I’m guessing here, but I think everyone would agree) feel a bit more secure about what we’re doing. One of the things he told us is that we’re moving a little fast for a summer class. He actually told us to relax a bit more and enjoy any family get-togethers we may be planning. That was a relief to me, becuase I know Dirk wants to go to Michigan soon, and I was getting ready to say no way could we pull it off. I’m starting a new job (contract), which is enough headache, but with all of the network connections we seem to need, I was ready to say forget any family trips. So that was good to hear. We may be able to plan a four-day weekend after all!

After hearing the requirements and suggestions for the class going forward, I felt I am at least in the pack as far as onboarding myself into the program. There are some things that are overwhelming – reading all these chapters, and actually absorbing the material, for one – but all in all, I think I understand a little better what is expected of us. Phewf!

I’m trying to figure out which exciting, sizzling tool to introduce to the team. In case you’re missing the sarcasm, I’m a little ambiguous about it. I have a few ideas, but I’m not sure if they would  be acceptable, or just a superfluous move on my part. Der-uhhh…. WTF?

Hopefully I’ll produce something viable soon. A bientôt!


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