By: babette09

Aug 01 2009

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I have to say that there is a lot of reading and upkeep in this class. I hope I’m not the only one who feels overwhelmed, still. Even after they told us we’d feel overwhelmed and not to worry about it, I’m a little concerned. There are some tools that I need to be better at using, and then there is a lot of reading. Lots and lots of reading. Not to mention blogging, Skyping, Facebooking (because we all seem to use it! It’s insane how I know who drinks coffee when and whose relatives are in Facebook – ha ha), Sakai stuff, Mindspaces entries – you name it.

Oh, and now I officially tweet almost every day. I never liked Twitter because I didn’t like the fact that you could follow people around and vice versa. Somehow I shed that fear and now I’m just doing it whenever I feel like it. It’s not changing my life significantly, but sometimes I like it better than Facebook. It’s funny to see what people add and of course it’s more succinct than a Facebook or My Space entry. A few classmates use it a lot and it’s really hilarious to review sometimes. I noticed that not many people have it, or maybe I just don’t know what their Twitter log is. It wasn’t on the spreadsheet. Maybe we should add that as a category. Then again, it isn’t a requirement for class, so perhaps it’s better not to add anything more than we already have.  ;- )


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