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By: babette09

Jul 29 2009

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Some of us from Cadre 12 decided to test out Skype tonight, just to ensure that we could all get on the call, hear each other and all that good stuff. It’s a great thing that we did, because the call was fragmented at times. People were cutting out, feeding back and dropping the call accidentally. We all realized that there should be a designated host for calls like this. Otherwise we run the risk of getting dropped often. Not to slag Regina, of course! She did a great job of managing the process and the members who tried to call in during the hour or so we were on together. It has to be a major hassle pulling everyone together. A few of us wondered out loud how Margaret and Paul are going to manage 25 people, let alone the 8 or 10 we were dealing with tonight. I can’t imagine how much fun that’s going to be for them!

The Skype call parallels some of our early experiences in this program so far. Although we’re able to connect, there are times when we aren’t sure what’s going on around us. Someone is disconnected for a few minutes, and then they jump back in. Sometimes they have static and cut out rhythmically, so that their words sound staccato. I think we’ve all felt that way at one time or another since starting the MA program. Wait a minute, this is getting too deep for me to continue. This is a good time to sign off and try to do some late-night reading.



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