Deep Thoughts

By: babette09

Jul 21 2009

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The last couple of days of VERT Camp were eye-opening experiences. In fact the week as a whole has culminated in a few distinct realizations for me. First, I realized I’ve come a long way since my first day of MALT camp, when I nervously exclaimed my desire to have a private bathroom while rooming with two other women. This was resolved immediately, by the way. We all fell into a schedule which neatly avoided running into the next person. Somehow we all just knew instinctively that one of us used it early, the second person after the first, the third person after the second. My private – and public – teeth gnashing proved to be for naught. Lesson Number One!

Next I learned that sometimes I need to stop looking at all of these trees, and just get through the forest. It occurred to me Saturday morning that in my little sub-team (known to us personally as ‘BaKeMi’), none of us seriously entertained the idea of re-shooting our vertical shots so that we could use them accurately. Luckily, we did achieve the Ninja effect by accident – I looked as though I was climbing a wall, Kevin looked like a manic spider and Michael T was the Ghost Dog of the group, leaping around and talking about ashtrays. So in some ways it all worked out, although I was a total nimrod trying to get the video to play (and the Keynote file I also showed). Der, uhhhh…

Anyway, it was a great lesson to understand that sometimes I have to let go of an idea to see another one. I spent a lot of time dicking around with software, downloading trials, upgrading existing stuff, just to find out I had spent a lot of time dicking around with software, downloading trials…  Part of the reason we were in this class, I believe, is to learn how to jump into a new project and be able to improvise. What a perfect lesson! I feel as though I meditated and achieved clarity. 😉 I’m more prepared, even though it was a bit of a sting to have to present something sub-par. Oh well. C’est la vie, et c’est troisième cycle d’université! (Such is life, and such is graduate school!)


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