Thursday’s Progress

By: babette09

Jul 17 2009

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I’m just doing a synopsis of the day this time. Thursday was a shorter day, but still full of activity. We experienced more of a classroom environment in the morning. Margaret walked us through a lot of the tools we’ll be using for the Action Research project. Unfortunately those of us in the back half of the room couldn’t always hear what she was saying. There were times when we thought she was privately answering another student, but realized too late that she had been continuing a library discussion. We scrambled to catch up, but I felt a little out of it at that point.

Later in the morning we were supposed to work on website ideas. It was at that point that I made a terrifying realization; I had installed my old version of Dreamweaver on this new laptop before I came here this week. However, I never entered the key number to activate it. When I opened it, I was notified that the trial period had expired. Eeek! No web editor! So I looked around the freeware list and ended up downloading Amaya. However, there is a lack of instructional material included with Amaya. So I poked around, couldn’t figure out how it works, and so really didn’t do much with my page. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. At least, for another day and a half.

Tonight we went out for dinner at a place called Paradise Cove. The plus: We got to hang out as a group, and I made sure I sat with a few people I haven’t talked to that much so far. It was a great time exchanging stories and observations. The minus: The seafood was OK, but not phenomenal.

I appreciate a quality meal and don’t mind paying for it. At this place, I felt I was paying for the ambience and the reputation, but not the food. I had Parmesan Crusted Halibut. The crust was good, but not quite as Parmesan-y as you’d expect. Worse, the halibut was just all right, but a bit on the dry side. A $26 piece of fish (not lobster or crab, mind you, just an adequate fillet) should be better than this halibut was. It should melt in your mouth and make you discuss it with friends later. This one, sadly, did not even make me want to blog about it. Oops, I did anyway. Maybe I’m a bit spoiled since I have a sister who lives in the halibut capital of the world (Homer, Alaska). She sometimes sends us halibut that is literally two days old when it arrives.

The calamari at Paradise Cove was addictive. I could have eaten the entire amount in the gigant-o glass. For wine, I chose a Reisling from Tasmania. I’ve had some New Zealand and Australian wines that were quite good, so I took a gamble. This Reisling was crisp with some fruit on the nose. It didn’t stand up to a good German Reisling in my humble opinion, but I’m not quibbling over that. It did the trick, and I felt more relaxed after  having it.

Overall, the company I was with made up for the lack of attention to the dinner plate. So it was a fun evening. Tomorrow is a day full of project work, so it’s time for some rest…zzzzzz…..


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