By: babette09

Jul 16 2009

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I can’t say that my concept of community has really been challenged. It was reinforced to the nth degree though! A community is developed when people work together towards a common goal. When you’re racking your brains to develop a robot out of a bunch of Legos, you tend to bond in some manner. Once you’ve collectively decided that you’re going to work on something together, there is usually a leader who emerges. This doesn’t always happen, as today demonstrated to me, but most often it does.

In my case, a strong leader emerged in our Learning Circle. Two of us did not have as cohesive of an idea as the third. However, our roles changed even within the group during the process, and I felt that we all contributed key ideas and results throughout the day. Hopefully the other two agree.

In the Iron Chef exercise I felt that we again shared many ideas. In this event I played a stronger leadership role than in the previous exercise. I suspect this was done on purpose to show each group that if a person doesn’t think mechanically, they may be a more compelling leader in an artistic environment.

More so than challenging the concept of community, the exercises we accomplished today challenged people’s sense of ‘place’ in a group. Sometimes you consider yourself a leader, but find out that in a certain situation you’re simply a bystander, or a follower of someone else who is more proficient. This can be difficult to swallow, but for the good of the group, you’re better offconceding any position you thought you had.  In our case, it has been a wise choice for all.


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